Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Niagara River

With all the hot and ridiculously humid weather we have been experiencing here, nothing beats being on our boat.

We have quite a few boating choices around here, but my favorite place to go is the Niagara River, between Lewiston and Lake Ontario.  Fort Niagara State Park, located at the tip of Lake Ontario and the Niagara River merge, has a great boat launch. 

After motoring up river to Lewiston, we cut the engine and let the drift push us back to the Lake. 
This is where we start drifting.  Here's a view up river, with the States on the right and Canada on the left. That's the Lewiston-Queenston bridge, with the Power Plant hugging the bank beyond that on the right.
Any further than this point on the River, makes me a bit nervous.  The swirling rapids become more and more intense.  I only venture up to that part of the river on one of these big boys:

While boating in the River on the 4th of July we came across this patriotic group of tubers.  Ah yes, to be young (and foolish?) again! 

They had been stuck in an eddy for about 20 minutes and as we went by them, they asked us for a tow back out into the drift.  We were happy to oblige.  Of course, the mother in me then worried about them the rest of the day!  Yep, guess I'm 'old'.

After we get to Lake Ontario, I always like to head east a bit to see the grounds of Fort Niagara.  Just so happens they were having a re-enactment weekend, so there was all sorts of activity going on.  It's an amazing place.
This is a picture of the building that houses the kitchen.  It's my favorite building on the grounds.

Stay cool - get wet! 


  1. Terry and I honeymooned in Niagra Falls way back in 1971. It was absolutely wonderful. Probably far more tourist attraction grown up now. I loved that area, though we did stay on the Canadian side, came around the lake and went to Cedar Point. that was before there was even a Causeway. Just a gravel road out to it.

    Thanks for bringing back great memories.

  2. oh these pictures made me homesick! i'm orginally from michigan. I moved from lakes to desert. I love the weather here, but so miss the lakes, and boating.

  3. Hi! Nice blog and nice life. Salute fom Monterrey México! :D