Saturday, August 14, 2010

Iroquois Wildlife Refuge

The weather has been unbearably hot and humid lately.  This morning seemed cooler and a bit breezy so Pete and I headed out with the dogs to find a new trail.  We headed down Meadville Road and came across a spot to pull the truck off the road and headed in.

Tent caterpillars looked like cotton candy spun through the branches.
We crossed through a field where these adorable flowers were in bloom.  No idea what they are.
And this tree was loaded with beautiful berry pearls.

Came across a few ponds along the way.
Love the reflection in the still water.

Look at at how the toppled tree just peeled up the bank.  Would have liked to witness that!
Finally, woods!

A hint of what's to come...

A short steep climb and look what was at the top:

How fun and unexpected!!!

I think fungus is fascinating. 

The cool morning quickly turned warm and humid. 
Before I knew it, I was sweating up a storm and the mosquitos were on the hunt.
So, although it was a short walk (1.88 miles according to my pedometer), I was so happy to be back in the woods.
Diesel was happy too. 
 It amazes me he can fit all that tongue in his mouth!

We drove down the road a way and the woods opened up and there are these huge power lines.  Spied a hawk on one and was able to get a picture before he took off.  
Watching him soar silently across the open field was a nice finish to a morning hike.

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  1. wow. Really fantastic photo's! Makes me homesick for seeing all the wildlife and trees.