Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ice Volcanoes at Golden Hill State Park

It wouldn't be winter without a hike along the Lake Ontario shoreline to see the ice volcanoes. 

A quick stop to chill the wine, and we headed off down the snowy path.

Along the way we spotted a few ice caves and bridges off shore. 

I love how this pool of ice has rectangular and round pieces. 
It reminds me of my favorite Gustav Klimt painting "The Kiss".  His robe being all angular and hers soft and round. 
Anyhow, back to the hike.....
Don't let the snowy appearance fool you.  This was solid rock-hard ice.  Sure it looks like all soft mounds of snow, but a pair of ice cleats would have certainly come in handy.  It was treacherous.   Even Kyah was having a hard time, and she is like a mountain goat!

The volcanoes close to the land were filled, but very deep and although I was tempted to go right to the bottom, but I wasn't so sure I'd be able to get out without a grappling hook, which I did not have!  And since I only had my camera phone with me, it was impossible to get a good shot.
Gingerly making my way out to the water's edge and up the icy incline, I was rewarded with watching this sheet of ice slowly disappear under the shelf.  Fascinating.  One by one, these sheets would work their way down the channel and slip under the edge, never to be seen again.
Looking out toward the water, I see this giant crack running along the edge.
Not someplace I would want to fall into, so I slid back down and explored some more.
 I really thought this half volcano right at the edge was so neat.  I did manage to crawl my way to the top, but couldn't take a picture as it was so steep that I had to hang on with both hands or else I just slid right to the bottom.  It was so ugly on the inside!
Here it is from behind - I realize it looks like nothing in this photo, but in person, it was quite the specimen.

Another cave along the edge, with the sheets of ice being drawn into it:

 So as I was exploring (and slipping and falling), Pete was being his ever-resourceful self:

While he built the fire,
I pulled together a little impromptu picnic.
 Cheers to a great winter hike!