Monday, June 7, 2010

Allegany Nature Pilgrimage Day One

Back from our first time ever attendance of the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage. Unfortunately, my camera was acting up ( also a first time ever!), so my pictures give no justice to the incredible beauty of my beloved ASP!

Friday morning we hiked a bit of the Eastwood Meadows trail, coming in off the Bay State Road.

With the abundance of tent caterpillars in the area, we could hear the black-billed cuckoo nearby, but were never able to spot him. Love the pattern left behind on this fallen limb.

Finding little hidden treasures is one of my favorite things. Luckily, Jocelyn and Morgan, our hiking partners this morning, were as into this as I am (and Pete and Jeff were patient with us!)

Jocelyn and I spent lots of time looking and studying the various mosses and molds. Sigh, no good pictures though :(
I love snails.Dead man's finger - and if you look closely, the ever present caterpillar making his way along the foreground of the picture!
After taking in the view, we headed down the meadow back to Bay State Road, cutting in to check out the beaver ponds along the way. No beaver, but lots of sun - yikes it was hot!Back to the trucks for some hydration for all.

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