Thursday, June 10, 2010

Allegany Nature Pilgrimage Day 3

The rains moved in overnight and brought with them the wonderful rumbling thunder.  Nothing like an Allegany rainstorm.  I love it (as long as it doesn't last for days......).    Thinking that the bird banding would be a washout, I stayed in bed longer.  I shouldn't have - what I was hearing wasn't the rain.  It was the creek:

(I took video, but now I see blogger no longer has an upload video option!)
Trust me - it was LOUD! 
Here's that same area of the creek taken just the afternoon before.  The water level was up at least a foot.  Crazy.
Meghan, Kyah and I went for one last morning walk down the road - Meg's goal was to get service on her cell phone; Kyah and I just like the walk.

After packing up and dropping off the key at the administration building, we took the long way out of the Park - through the Quaker side.  I couldn't leave without a visit to Science Lake or the spillway.  The rain was drizzly and it was cool, but beautiful all the same.

The spillway was flowing like I've never seen it. 

Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later....

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