Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why I'm Here

After being a blogger for a few months now, I realized how much I wanted to "share" all the beautiful woods I have near my home.

I'm always surprised to see what lies within a stand of trees. And I think most people can't even imagine how beautiful the Western New York area is. The unfortunate part is that my photography skills will most certainly fall short of capturing how incredible the place is.

I am planning on sharing some past hikes and post on current ones too. If you ever want specifics on how to get to a certain trail or things like that, just comment me. Or I'd love to hear your experience on the same trail or recommend me a hike!

I've found that time spent in the woods with my husband Pete is when I am most happy, content, relaxed, focused, peaceful, tranquil, well, you get the picture. Its magic.

Join me and let's get to the woods.......

I have to start our journey at Allegany State Park.

I was introduced to ASP by my best friend Diane about 6 years ago and have been back every year since.

Here's some of our hike up the Three Sisters Trail from July 2008. This trail is right near the Quaker Run administration building.

The first part of of this hike starts out flat but goes uphill at a pretty steep clip, so I preferred to call it the Three B*tches trail. I wasn't enjoying myself too much in the beginning because I was way too hot (and it was probably around 7:30 a.m.), but once we 'crested' the top, it was great. I'd do it again.

Kyah is such a good girl. She always stays with us without a leash (but we do keep her on it when other hikers are near). She loves the woods as much as we do.

I thought these fallen trees looked like a fence line zig zagging their way along. Pretty neat.

On the way down, most of the trail was basically just a rocky trench where the rain must run through in the downpours that tend to burst open in the Park. A walking stick is definitely handy on this part of the trail.

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